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sweep. and multiple sweeps on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we will check out the forecast through the weekend. another look at the beach coming up. a look at these area roadways on this friday morning right now. >> reporter: good morning. we are doing okay on the beltway. no problems on the outer loop from parkville to towson. let's look at the jfx. all is quiet. hard lay car stirring out there. jfx at -- hardly a car stirring out there. in cecil county, we have an accident all the way to the upper right of the screen. overturned vehicle possibly a tractor trailer, 95 southbound shut down past exit 93. route 222 bainbridge road. joce. >> thanks. we begin with new information on a story we brought you last night as breaking news at 11. baltimore city police are searching for the person responsible for shooting two security guards. this all went down at the oak hill apartments in the 2800 block of matthews street in northeast baltimore around 9:30
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last night. police say two guards were making the rounds when they saw a suspicious person. they went over to check things out and a fight broke out. police say a female guard was shot in the eye and a male guard was shot in the chest. police believe the gunman was wounded. questions this morning after a family dog is shot to death in rosedale. shamus was shot in the head after he ran out of a family's house and towards a family that was walking by with their dog. when he got too close, the man pulled out a gun saying he was forced to act in self-defense. >> i have known from talking to other people the dog had aggressive tendencies and maybe it got away from the owner. >> if the gentleman would have missed he could have hit my husband or went through the window and hit my neighbor or my child and i don't want him near my house or family. >> the magruders says the dog posed no threat and they are trying to get a retraining order -- restraining order
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against the shooter. a man is behind bars after car jabbing a lexus with a woman and baby inside. the victim had just gotten out of her car at a gas station on edmondson when the suspect dropped in. you can see the car taking off through the parking lot. driver, terron white hit a trooper's car on interstate 95 and sped off going more than 100 miles per hour with his lights off on the capital beltway. >> there was actually a passenger that was putting their arms outed window screaming for help. something was going on inside the vehicle. >> the car did slow down to about 10 to 20 miles per hour and the victim bailed out holding her baby. she rolled across the highway. troopers caught up with white and took him into custodych the mom who is 24 -- custody. the mom who is 24 walked away with a cut on her head and her baby was not hurt. a have i station will be held for connie bass, -- a visitation will be held for
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connie bass from 8:30 to 8 tonight at marks funeral home east. few-- the funeral is tomorrow. and we are told that a viewing for hall of famer john mackey will be held tonight. it will be from 6 to 9 at the 3631 falls road. the great colts tightend passed away at the age of 69. a public memorial will be held next month. are you looking to get rid of a gun laying around the house? here's your chance. two local church rches holding a gun -- chun. are holding a -- churches are holding a gun buy back. bring in a working gun and get 50 or $100 with no questions asked. between the two churches st. gregory the great in east baltimore they collected about 250 guns. >> we feel very strongly that any guns that are turned in that might fall into the hands of someone that might use it
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for violence or even with children that pick up guns, it's a vital service to the city. >> the gun buy back program is planned from saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at both churches. artscape kicks off today at noon. about 350,000 people he are expected to attend the three- day festival. it features arts and crafts, live music, treat theater and children's entertainment and a wide variety of food. for a list of events, street closures and information on where to park, log onto and click on the news tab and then local. new this morning, the wait is over. excited fans stood in long lines to see the final harry potter movie. they were -- there were midnight shores at area theaters and some at 3 a.m. sherrie johnson is live at arundel mills mall to tell us. what are you hearing? >> reporter: okay, my goodness, the excitement is boiling over. fans are so excited about this.
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we are told many of them lined up here. we are here at arundel mills mall and i got to tell you, the anticipation i. don't think they were let down. they were here waiting to he see harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2. this is the final installment in the harry potter series. the movie opened at midnight. and some workers here i pulled them aside, and they said that they had huge lines. they showed the movie in 24 theaters all sold out. and some folks are now watching the movie. there was a 3 a.m. showing and that should let out soon. of course we will catch up with some of the fans as they start to come out. this movie, we are told, has set a record with 25 million dollars in advance ticket sales. again, some of the folks here say they never seen anything like it. mass pandemonium. people were everywhere. some in costumes but they were excited. very anxious to see the movie. reporting live at arundel mills mall, sherrie johnson, abc2 news.
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>> 3 a.m. is dedication. we want to know what you think of this latest installment. leave your comments or pictures on our wmar facebook fan page. we want to see if you are i costume and we will read the comments on the air. it looked like a scene from a aflred hitchcock movie. what terrorized people walking down the street? >> i felt something on the back of my head and looked up and there's a bird. >> yes. a bold bird ruffles feathers. see him in action coming up. and some polar bears get a cool way to beat the heat. who paid the tab for the snow day. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 a.m.
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justin check this out. while parts of the u.s. are dealing with scorching temperatures, in china they are wearing heavy coats and boots. about a foot of snow is covering the streets making it difficult for drivers to get around. they shutter at the thought we will think about winter soon. but not this weekend. justin, tell us what's happening. >> the record snow in
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australia. someone is trying to make me happy and thanks very much for that. it was nice to think about snow earlier but yesterday picture perfect in baltimore. what a beautiful time-lapse. from the maryland science center northbound at national aquarium off on the right. and a few fair weather clouds a gorgeous day. hey, tracy joining the party on this gorgeous morning. and we will see if we can get another good look day after a high of 83 degrees. yesterday, by the way, that was 69 at the naval academy. matthew says it should be a crime to have to go to work on a day like this. i agree. we are here. who is getting arresteded? 65 right now in baltimore. 63 in easton and in fact, it's warmer up towards york, p.a. at 68. we will push close to 70 during the morning about 8 or 9. and we are looking for temperatures making their way back up into the mid-80s. 85 our two degree guaranteed high coming with a partly cloudy sky. sunset at 8:32 and going into the weekend, good looking stuff. we will talk about that next.
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now the traffic with tonya. >> reporter: we have a major road closure in cecil county. we will get to that in a moment. first, we will look at the beltway at harford road. no incidents to report here. traffic is running smoothly in both directions. so, you should be okay. top side of the beltway. in cecil county, the accident is an overturned vehicle. 95 southbound past exit 93 route 222 bainbridge road. southbound traffic is shut down at that point. joce. >> all right. thanks. some important advice to keep in mind if you plan on sending your child to summer camp. make sure before they head off that you make a stop at your doctor's office for a checkup. >> i look for just anything abnormal on the physical exam. do they have a heart condition that has not been picked up. do they have a skin rash that could get infected? are they injured? >> also the sun and heat can pose serious health risks if campers and staff don't take the proper precautions. doctors recommend parents ask in advance about the policy for
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handling medical emergencies. you know you need towels or sunscreen but make sure to grab your smart phone, too. coming up, the new apps that can help you and your family enjoy the great outdoors this um-- summer. what the president reportedly told congressiona leaders to do. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 a.m. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens virginia,
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where baltimore goes to get away. maybe it's because baltimore loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at
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now "good morning maryland." hitting the beach or the pool to get out of the heat? don't forget the smart phone. as karin caifa tells us, apps are ready to help you scope out the surf, and have fun in the sun. >> reporter: the heat is on in many parts of the country and it's getting a little more crowded poolside and at the beach. before heading out the door, check out the surfside weather in thousands cities worldwide. the beach weather app for iphone and ipad has air and
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water temperatures. uv forecast wind speed and direction and tide tables. surf line for iphone and android gibbsous a glimpse of the waves before you see the coastline surf cameras and surf forecast and reports with wave height wind speed and direction weather sunrise andset times. and to keep you and your family safe, there's the copper tone my uva alert app from the sunscreen maker. it gives the uv index at your location, lets you save skin care profiles for family members, and let's you seat timer and alarm for when it's time to reapply. the sun timer app performs a similar service allowing you to enter skin tone your sunscreen's spf and sun conditions to time when you will go from golden glow to danger zone. i am karin caifa and you are now clicked in. santa -- i always take heat when i take my phone but now i can use all that. >> the ocean city app.
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>> i love that one. >> i need to get sometime to go to ocean city. >> a vacation is needed. >> it would be a working vacation. >> if you use the app and you can -- >> what to do? deals, golf? >> what are we doing? let's go now. >> we have staff do first. >> okay. talk about the weather. good morning. we have temperatures that are going to be nearly perfect once again. 65. this is morning we should be doing a jog. >> we should. >> it would be so nice. i am jell. this time of the year for those that -- jealous. this time of the year for those of you that get to enjoy this time of the day i jogged yesterday but temperatures were comfortable but in the sun it gets hot in a hurry. 59 up towards state college. 58 buffalo but that's buffalo. 60s back in ohio and great lakes. and this is a streamer of high clouds and showers in michigan. there will be high clouds mixed in across the area which looks to the south this morning. and high pressure actually
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remains in control. high pressure almost directly overhead and it's this clockwise flow which is important because yesterday i mentioned how that position high pressure may provide a eastern wind providing more clouds for ocean city aalong the shoreline. sitting overhead, it's an upper level weather system in the who i clouds that are streaming in from upper level winds. but overall, we are remain dry and on the trend that's we are going to warm up as we head into early part of next week. ep joy what -- enjoy what we have got right now. it appears a distoshance -- a disturbance may bump up showers in the new york metro area. we will watch the influence of that wind bring in clouds especially tomorrow along the shorelines. counting for that and accounting for the fact we have 72 degree water temperature off ocean city, i brought the afternoon temperatures down on the boardwalk. our resident beach expert young tim running the floor this morning says how can it be 70
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at the beach? because it's off the water. we will have a mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow. but decent weekend. dry through sunday and we warm things up big time next week. 85 today a good looking day and comfortable a few more clouds than yesterday. no big deal a good looking friday. tonight back down to 65 and seasonable. so those of you just barely flirting with the upper 50s this morning, i don't think we will have that tomorrow morning. check out the extended forecast. 87 tomorrow. and upper 70s at the beach. we will show outforecast next half-hour. we will push the upper 80s and more sun on sunday and here comes the 90s. it's summer and what we expect and most of next week will be inthe low to mid-90s. harry potter hotter forecast more thunderstorms and humidity. that's all for you. we are showing off for you. >> reporter: i wish it's better news for you. the good news is mta says bus and rail services are on time.
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the bad news is 95 is shut down southbound in cecil county. let's he look at 95 the tieding memorial bridge, all traffic oncoming northbound traffic over the bridge is open. north of here all of the southbound traffic is shut downdue to an overturned vehicle. get off at route 100 and use route 1 or pulaski as an alternate. joce. >> all right. this is is so cool. a summer treat for polar bears at the san diego zoo. 18 tons of snow was dropped into the habitat and they began to play and digging and rubbing their faces in that snow. donors raised more than 5,000 dollars to make the snow day possible. i am sure we want that, too. and no doubt you heard the game angry birds. here's one in real life. a red winked black bird has been attacking people walking along a downtown street in grand rapids, michigan. . >>i felt a little something
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something on the backi of my head and looked up and there was a bird. >> this red winked black bird perched himself in a tree and as people passed by you saw he dive bombs. some ducked and dodged with little success. if you have verizon service, you may want to pay close attention to your bill. coming up, somehoward county residents are complaining to the county executive about the cost of the service. and when you will be able to shop for back to school clothes without paying a dime in taxes. you watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 a.m.
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in this morning's consumer alert, howard county executive says he received several complaints about bundle packages ard by verizon w several option customers over the phone don't realize they may have signed up for extra channels or add-ons. >> keep very good notes and pay attention to what you are signing up for. make sure you are charged for what you sign up for and we are
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doing an investigation into complaints we received. >> if you live in howard county, file any complaints at the county's website in the consumer affairs department. now he is urging anyone else to contact the the attorney general with -- contact the attorney general with the complaints. verizon says our reps are trained to provide pricing information and summarize the customer's order at the end of the call. we also work with customers to explain the bills when they have questions and if a problem arises, we will resolve it with a customer. a chance for you to save some money as well. the third week of august you will be able to shop tax free in maryland. the state comptroller's office announced sunday august 14th through sunday august 40th is designated shop maryland week. each year clothing and footwear of 100 or less are exempt from sales tax. that sounds good to me. they spaced big crowd but nothing like this -- they expected a big crowd but nothing like this. find out why the people made a
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mad dash with the doors to one building were opened. . i was like oh, my god this man is hanging there. >> a window washer has very scary moments on the job of the we will show you his dray -- on the job. but we will show you his dramatic rescue. but first this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: video game sales are down 10%. it's a second straight monthly decline for hardware, software and accessories but microsoft x box 360 bucked the trend selling more consouls in june than a year earlier. one reason for the overall decline few new games for re-- were released. streaming service spot a fly has arrived in the u.s. usa today got an advanced look at the service and was very impressed with what he heard. >> big deal to have access to 15 million tracks. that's a huge stash of music. you will find anything you want to hear on demand, good sound
5:27 am
quality and it's free. >> reporter: there's $10 a month version allowing them to stream content to their moble devices. those are your -- mobile devices. those ruer tech bites, i am daniel sieberg. did -- those are your tech bites, i am daniel sieberg.
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debate over our country's debt. what could happen if a deal is not reached by the august 2nd deadline. and after 31 years, phillip's restaurant is moving from haror -- harbor place. what customers can expect at the new location. first mid fire premier. so i am excited for that. around the country excited fans camp out to see the final harry potter film. reaction from moviegoers in a live report. good morning. i am joce sterman megan and
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charley have the morning off. let's start off with meteorologist justin berk. >> let's look back at yesterday because it was so nice and it would be nice to repeat that. we had ourselves a look at nearly perfect conditions for sailors on the severn. a nice comfortable breeze for the the rest of us holding the temperatures down. look how deep blue the sky was. a mix of clouds off in the distance. low fair weather cumulus clouds and cirrus across the higher altitude and making for a pretty scene. here's setup this morning. 69 at the naval academy. wind slackened up a little bit. three-mile-per-hour push and you can barely call it a wind. temperatures across the board ranging throughout the 60s. 65 bel air. 63 hereford -- harford. and one of the cooler spots in woodbine in howard county at 59. widespread low 60s for you on the eastern shore. we all warm up today. we will try to push 70 by 8 or 9 and we are

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